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The Work of 2012/2013 API Fellows


The Work of 2012/2013 API Fellows

ENCOUNTERING ASIAN NEW HORIZON: CONTESTING AND NEGOTIATING IN FLUID TRANSITIONS, is a collection of papers by the 2012/2013 Asian Public Intellectuals (API) Fellows. The 20 papers that comprise this volume cover key areas such as gender and unique differences; cultural identity and shifting boundaries; local existence in global transitions; policy making for social justice; and natural disasters.


Tatsuya Tanami, Executive Director of The Nippon Foundation

Francisia S.S. Ery Seda, Workshop Director


Panel 1: Engendering Lives: Being Women Do Make Unique Differences

Gender Challenge: The Economic Resilience in Coastal Community Household
Kuntum Melati

From Asahi to Abucay: The Video Archive Project
Makiko Wakai

The Dynamics and Elan of Ijtihad to Provide New Readings of Islamic Laws and Customary Practices on Women Human Rights                                                                                                               
Isnira A. Baginda

Hidden Faces, Unheard Voices: Women Oil Palm Plantation Workers in the Philippines and Indonesia
Janarthani A/P Arumugam

Panel 2: Strategizing Development: Policymaking, Its Impact, and Challenges for Social Justice

The Political Economy of the Supply Chain:
The Dynamics of Industrial Policy and the Supply Chain in East and Southeast Asia

Boni Setiawan

Addressing Social Housing and Livelihood Needs in Cambodia: Learning from Thai Experience
Leakhana Kol

Politics Above Law? The Tension between Democracy and Social Justice                                             
Raul C. Pangalangan

Investigating the Problem of Land Grabbing by an Oil Palm Plantation in Aceh: Its Impacts on the Local Ecosystem and Community Rights                                                                                                    
Ruayrin Pedsalabkaew

Panel 3: Contesting the Global: How the Local Fights for Its Existence in a Fluid Transition

“Communities-of-Practice”: Creative Resources, Collaborations and Processes in Community-Based Revitalization Projects in Japan                                                                                                
Janet Pillai

Cultural Landscape Urban Design: Preserving Local Identity in the Global Environment Case Studies of Japanese and Malaysian Cities                                                                                                               
Kadek Wara Urwasi

Research for the Educative Use of Cultural Heritage and the Development of Human Resources — Through Practice in the Phrae Community, Thailand                                                                                       
Mizuho Ikeda

Legal Pluralism in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand: Preserving Local Wisdom, Community Rights and the Eco-Cultural System                                                                                                                       
Sayamol Kaiyourawong

Ecotourism in the National Parks of Southern Thailand                                                                            
Wiwik Mahdayani

Panel 4: Negotiating Cultural Identity: Looking for New Horizons in Shifting Boundaries

Practice and Documentation of Collaborative Composition in Southeast Asia:
A Response to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster  
Makoto Nomura

Two Families: A Comparative Study on the Influences of Saints and Their Teachings on Faith in Malaysia and Indonesia
Saintliness, Wahabbism, History and Identity
Dina Zaman

Printmaking Archive for Reference, Research and Regional Links                                                          
Noor Mahnun Binti Mohamed

Children of the Pearl, Children of the Sun: An Outrospective Look on Japanese-Filipino Families, Filipino-Japanese Individuals and Their Trajectories                                                                                          
Ken T. Ishikawa

Cham Muslims in Malaysia and Thailand: Then and Now                                                                       
Farina So

Panel 5: Encountering the Inevitable: Natural Disasters and Its Aftermath

Japanese Nuclear Energy after March 11, 2011
Journey to the Unknown: Encountering the Evitable under the Name of the Inevitable
Supara Janchitfah

A Study of Academic Scientists’ Roles and Works in Managing Problems Associated with a Natural Disaster and Related Industrial Hazards: A View from a Non-Governmental Organization’s Perspective                
Walaiporn Mooksuwan

Appendix I: Workshop Schedule                                                                                     
Appendix II: Workshop Participants
Appendix III: Abstracts of Papers

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