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The Work of 2011/2012 API Fellows

ENGAGE! PUBLIC INTELLECTUALS TRANSFORMING SOCIETY, is a collection of papers by the 2011/2012 Asian Public Intellectuals (API) Fellows. The 27 papers that comprise this volume cover key areas such as the politics of memory and meaning; cultural integrity with a focus on cultures and identities in transition; community-initiated post-development paradigms in Asia.


Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of The Nippon Foundation

Resil Mojares, Professor Emeritus, University of San Carlos, Cebu City

Mary Racelis, Workshop Director and Lisandro E. Claudio, Deputy Workshop Director


Panel 1: Violence, Memory and Social Catharsis

Remembering the Legacies of the Marcos Dictatorship:  The Formation of Historical Memory and the Struggle for Justice in the Post-Marcos Period

Pika-Boo: Public Performance Art works as an act of mutual forgiveness and understanding of the Second World War and the atomic bomb incidents
Too Chee Hung

Towards Peace and Reconciliation: Case Studies of Peace Museums in Japan and the Philippines     
Patporn Phoothong

Post-Conflict Institution in Support of Reintegration and the Peace Process: Notes from a Field Research in Mindanao of the Philippines
Lambang Trijono

Panel 2: Expanding Space — From Exclusion to Inclusion

In the Name of Civil Society: Land, Peace Initiatives and Environmentalism in Muslim Areas of Thailand and the Philippines
Fadzilah Majid Cooke
Documentary Film on Progressive Islam in Indonesia and its Impact on Muslim Women
Norhayati Binti Kaprawi

Upholding Feminist Principles in the Era of Globalization: Challenges faced by Women’s Activists in Finding Balance between Core Values and Organizational Practices in Women’s Movement-based Organizations
Susanna George

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Promoting Child Rights: Comparisons between Thailand and the Philippines
Syvongsay Changpitikoun

Panel 3: Cultures and Identities in Transition I

Shifting Phases of the Art Scenes in Malaysia and Thailand: Comparing Colonized and Non-colonized countries
Noriko Ishimatsu

Image and Identity: A Study on the Images of the Virgin Mary Clad in a Local Dress in the Philippines
Yuria Furusawa

The Aesthetics of Filmmaking as Ways of Seeing in Asia: Experimental Documentaries in Japan and Thailand
Nguyen Trinh Thi

Understanding the Indigenization and Hybridization of the Science Curriculum: The Model of Culturally Relevant Science Education in Thailand and Japan
Vicente C. Handa

Acculturation between Two Societies: Vietnamese Contract Migrant Workers in Japan
Khuat Thu Hong

Panel 4: Cultures and Identities in Transition II

The Reflection of Indigenous Peoples’ Changing Identity in the Social, Cultural and Historical Contexts in the Cities of Sarawak
Albertus Yustinus Imas

MBAL ALUNGAY BISSALA: Our Voices Shall Not Perish
Listening, Telling, Writing of the Sama Identity and Its Political History in Oral Narratives

Mucha-Shim Lahaman Quiling

Conserving Linguistic, Cultural, and Biological Diversity: Lessons from the Chong Language Revitalization Project in Thailand
Toshiyuki Doi

The Representation of Cultural Diversity in Primary Education in the Philippines
Truong Huyen Chi

Diversity That Sells: The Success Story of Malaysia’s Tourism Branding “Truly Asia”
Firly Afwika

Panel 5: Post-Development Paradigms in Asia I

Participatory Governance of Land and Water Resources: The Satoyama System of Japan
Mochamad Indrawan

Re-building Japan: Still-photographic documentary project on the resilience of rice cultivation
Tawatchai Pattanaporn

The Dynamics of the Mining Industry in Asia and its Impacts on the People and the Environment: A Photo Documentary Project
Henri Ismail

Alternative Power Production for Sustainability and Justice for Local Communities
Pornsiri Cheevapattananuwong

Santuary: Genius Loci and Empowerment in Community-based Tourism
An Investigation of Community-Based Theater, Tourism, and the Creative Industries in Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia, as Emerging Models of Social Entrepreneurships

Lutgardo L. Labad

Panel 6: Post-Development Paradigms in Asia II

The Small Theatre-Soft Power: The Means to Build Up Ideal Society
Pradit Prasarthhong

Linking the Movements of the Urban Poor in ASEAN and Japan to Create Land and Housing Justice
Abhayuth Chantrabha

Social Movements and Democracy: Experiences from the Philippines and Thailand
Somchai Phatharathananunth

Strengthening Self-determination for Social Transformation through Participatory Approaches in Pro-poor Agri-environmental Research and Development: Case Examples from Thailand
Kam Suan Pheng


Appendix I: Workshop Schedule
Appendix II: Workshop Participants
Appendix III: Abstracts of Papers

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