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What is the API Community?

The API Community is consisted of recipients of an API Fellowship, past and current, and everyone involved in the API Fellowships Program as selection members, program directors, and coordinators. This growing community now members more than 250 persons of varied backgrounds but shared commitment. Members meet at national and cross-country functions, as well as through informal networks and collaborative projects regionally and nationally.

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We, representatives from five countries in Asia, are gathered here today to inaugurate a new collaborative endeavor.

As we enter the 21st century, we recommit ourselves to unified action toward a better future for Asia, even as we celebrate our cultural differences. While we uphold our national borders and traditions, we seek a regional response, aware as we are that the political, economic, and social challenges which our nations face transcend our national boundaries.

Asians unfortunately remain strangers to each other. The lack of familiarity and strong bonds among us prevents us from articulating regional approaches to the difficulties that are upon us.

The shared challenges beckon us to come together to fashion a shared, collaborative response. We take on the challenges with confidence because, while we take pride in our differences, we are all unified by a common heritage and spirit that is Asian.

An effective response to regional problems will invariably require the participation of public intellectuals - men and women committed to working in the public sphere and to collaborating beyond traditional boundaries in articulating common concerns, in proposing effective solutions and in fostering a perspective that is regional in scope and universal in value.

We announce herewith the establishment of The Nippon Foundation Fellowships for Asian Public Intellectuals, a program designed precisely to help build a community of Asians who can think and work in the public sphere. The Program will be initiated in the five countries we are representing today, and public intellectuals to be identified are to be given opportunities for research and professional activities in other participating countries. By promoting mutual understanding and shared learning among Asian public intellectuals, the API Fellowships aim to contribute to the growth of public spaces where effective responses to regional needs can be generated.

All of us gathered here are determined to work together to realize this goal for ourselves, in the hope that our collective effort will bear fruit for the betterment of humanity.

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